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Kidnapped and Broken In: An Interracial Cuckolding Confession

This is Erin’s story. She’s got a thing for hot black men-such a taboo! It’s not that she just wants to be fucked by one of these guys. Erin wants it rough!

“I wanted to be randomly sabotaged, maybe, and get roughed up–not beaten up, mind you, but spanked and slapped around a little bit. I wanted to be taken somewhere private, somewhere where the outside world couldn’t hear my screams of pleasure. And I wanted my black attacker to do crazy things to me…
I wanted all of these things, but I knew only a black man could give it to me.”

Ménage à Trois: You, Me, Him: Three BBC Confessions From Hotwives

Three short BBC confessions from hotwives! In the first one, we’ll meet Vicky, who wants to reward her cuck husband for being such a good boy. In ‘There Goes the Neighborhood’, we’ll meet Lydia and her husband James, who are surprised when a hot couple moves in next door. In the last story, we’ll meet a hot blonde bodybuilder who gets one over on her wimpy husband!

Mind Games: Corrupted by Hotwives (BBC, cuckolding, femdom, black bulls, interracial short story)

When Pete met Biyu, she was a sweet and innocent Chinese woman. But when he moves her back to the States, she starts going wild. She joins a neighborhood card playing club with other hotwives, and her taste for black bulls may just make her a Queen of Spades!

Good Girls Gone Bad : Three Confessions From Hotwives, New BBC Sluts and Their Friends

Ever wonder what that good girl is thinking about? It could be that she’s thinking about becoming a hotwife or is totally down for some BBC action! In these three tales of good girls gone bad, you’ll see what it takes to turn these innocent angels into lusty hotwives with a passion for BBC!

Cuckold Confessions: Three BBC Confessions From Cuckolds

His wife is wild, and when she’s with other guys, it drives *him* wild, too. Get a hot perspective on what the cuckold sees, feels and experiences with these three confessions!

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