Personalized Stories: Starts at 3 cents per word. I don’t write any non-consent (dub is usually okay) or underage stuff.

Recorded Stories or Custom Audio: Starts at 60 per hour. I write a 3,500 word script, which takes 30 minutes to record and a half hour to edit. If you want to keep the story, the rate is 3 cents a word. If you don’t wish to keep the story, I own it and will change the names and sell it or publish it here.

Phone Sessions/Confessions/Domination on Niteflirt: $1.99 a minute. Read Niteflirt’s TOS and don’t try to break them. If you’re calling my advice line, don’t keep redirecting the topic back to me. Don’t call with the intent of trying to switch me into a sub. That will get you blacklisted.

BDSM Education/Relationship and Sex Coaching: $100 an hour via Skype. I book in 15 minute blocks, so $25 for 15 minutes. You can email me at brenda.blacklove (@) gmail (dot) com for a consultation. BE AWARE THAT THIS IS NOT A DOMINATRIX SESSION. Expect me to be professional and I expect the same thing out of you. If you want a Dominatrix session from me, call my Niteflirt line.