Do you hate men?

Brenda does not hate men. If you fear all Dommes hate men and are “femi-nazis”, consider this: submission and possession should be based upon mutual respect and understanding. That is the core of BDSM. Please do your research.

Brenda’s subs are Her prized possessions. Just like any owner, She cherishes them. Those who serve Her are there because they admire and respect Her, and She knows this. In return, Brenda will keep those who submit to Her in high regard.

What kind of Dominatrix is Domina Brenda?

Domina Brenda is a Lifestyle and Phone Dominatrix. She loves infiltrating your mind and making you ache to confess your dirtiest secrets to Her.

Through this website you can do the following:

  • Contact Her on NiteFlirt to confess
  • Join Brenda’s Back Door to access confessions, stories, audio, video, photographs and curated content just for members
  • Get access to free BDSM and sex education through Her blog

Domina Brenda does not engage in live, in-person sessions, but offers phone FemDom sessions through Niteflirt. Skype sessions are under consideration and may be available in the near future.

But I really want to meet you! Why can’t I?

Domina Brenda is not interested in meeting subs in real life. She is a very busy lady with Her writing, confessions and content creation. She maintains a tight-knit social circle of long-term friends and family and prefers to keep it that way. She simply does not have the time or interest.

Do you do full nude photography or videos?

No. There was a time when Brenda did implied nudes in Her modeling career, but She does not do full nudity in photos, videos, or in any other context. There are no full nudes in the paid membership area, though the content is pretty steamy.

Then you look down on sex workers who meet in person or show full nudity?

No. Brenda supports all sex workers and will help them or offer advice in any way She can.

Does your family know what you do?

Yes! Friends and family are very supportive. Brenda comes from a long line of family members with alternative careers, from gem hunters and musicians to fellow Dom/mes and bar owners.

What is the most common confession you receive?

The most common confession comes from men with bisexual tendencies. It is still a taboo and many men are afraid of what will happen once they’re “out of the closet.” The second-most common confession comes from men with cross-dressing fantasies.

Brenda has also taken confessions regarding flashing, cuckolding fantasies, voyeurism, exhibitionism, sports-related fetishes, pantyhose and feet, and almost everything else one can think of. She also listens to confessions from women. If it exists as a fetish, Brenda has probably heard about it, but She enjoys learning new things about people every day.

Where are you from?

You may have noticed from audio or phone calls that Brenda has a slight Southern accent with some California undertones. She is originally from Louisiana, but has lived in many places: California, Texas, New England, Europe and Thailand. Brenda loves to travel; it is a passion and She has checked many countries off Her bucket list.

Brenda currently bounces back and forth between the Bay Area and New England, with frequent trips to Louisiana to visit Her family.

Where can I find you on social media?

You may follow and engage with Domina Brenda though Twitter or Fetlife. If you encounter any other site/account that is posing as Domina Brenda, please notify Her at

Twitter: brendablacklove

Fetlife: DominaBrenda