Brenda Blacklove is an author, artist, phone sex Domme and certified sex and relationship coach.

Stories under the name Brenda Blacklove are mostly based on confessional content coerced from subs. Confessions are altered to keep anonymity. She is a keeper of many secrets!

Interracial cuckolding was the sub-genre that got Her started (though it’s not Her preferred kink). She began writing erotic content back in 2006.

Domina Brenda is married and Her husband sometimes assists with the photography, videography, and the proofreading aspects of Her business.

Domina Brenda does not show full nudity or do in-person sessions. Do not ask.

*Writing smut and horror
*Taking your confessions
*Sensual and Gentle Femdom
*Leather (BLACK leather, hence the name!)
*Foot/shoe worship
*Mind control
*Sissy training
*Heavy metal
*Horror films and books, Gothic anything

Follow her on Twitter @brendablacklove.

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