Sneak Peak: The Other Couple

Oops! Been a few since I last saw you. Please enjoy this sneak peak of a short story about a dominant couple who take on new recruits.

Everyone knew about the couple at the end of Evergreen. Eva and Marcus Mahaffy, envy of all who laid eyes on them! Big house with intricate details, a garden that was meticulous, shiny luxury cars…they were the envy of everyone. Eva had long, silver blonde hair and a lovely dark tan on her slim body, and her husband Mark was equally gorgeous. Everywhere they went heads would turn.

But online, some of their mysteries were unlocked, but not too many. Eva and Marcus kept it private. Marcus loved to snap pics of his beautiful, dominant wife to show her off. Every picture of hers was flooded with likes, comments. Michael admired her, looked at her pictures and yearned to succumb to her whims, the need to please her growing stronger each day. 

To his shock, she posted about wanting a couple to serve her, a man and a woman. Michael’s heart galloped. He talked to Jennifer, his wife, about applying, and she agreed. They sent in their application and pics and waited, not expecting to hear anything.

When he saw the reply a few days later, his cock twitched. She left a number for him to call. She answered in an authoritative voice.

“Bring your wife. I’ll text you the address. Make sure you’re on time. I won’t tolerate tardiness.”

“Thank you, M–”

She hung up. Michael was stunned, but his phone buzzed with a text message with the address.

Well, at least she had chosen them out of all those other applicants. They had jumped through all her hoops. So far.

They were both shaking as they walked up the driveway towards the looming house. There was a note on the front door. Jennifer picked it up and read it aloud.

“Michael and Jennifer,

Remove your clothing immediately, then push it through the mail slot. Ring the doorbell when you’re done. Kneel on the doorstep until we answer the door.”

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