Author Interview: Jaymie Wagner

Hi everyone. I’m excited! I’ll be doing a series of interviews with some of the authors from He Will Obey. First up is Jaymie Wagner, author of the short story Come Down, Come Down.

What got you into writing erotica?

I’ve always loved telling stories and writing, but what got me into seriously writing erotica was the chance to start exploring my own fantasies and my gender identity. I started to put more and more of myself in my writing, and I am very happy that other people enjoyed them too!

What have you learned by reading and writing erotica? Any sex tips?

Communication and consent can be incredibly sexy, even for fantastic or horror scenarios. In the same way, my sex tip is that it’s fun to talk. If you’re not comfortable doing “dirty” talk, just try asking “Do you like this?”, or “I want you to kiss me there,” or “What makes you feel good?” 

(Related: Don’t be afraid to laugh! Sex is silly! Crying is ok, too! Do what you need, enjoy yourselves, and I love cuddles and pancakes afterwards, just saying.)

How realistic are your stories, and are the experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

More than a few of my stories contain seeds of experiences I have had, or things my partners and I have talked about. I have a wonderful model of a dominant yet soft and loving woman in My Lady, and serving her has certainly given a few ideas. 

For the rest, I do deal in a lot of fantasies and “weird” things, but there are some very real desires in the core of those stories, and I think it’s why people connect with them so often.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

Well, the most obvious are my fellow authors in He Will Obey, since I was reading nearly all of their stories for the first time! I’ve also been reading stories by M. Kitsulot and Benjamin Medrano recently that I really enjoyed. 🙂

What do you like to do besides write?

I enjoy baking and cooking, and I like to play a lot of role playing and tabletop games. That’s not really easy during the pandemic, but I’ve put my energy into painting a lot of my miniatures and working on projects I kept saying I would work on eventually! I even started streaming on twitch occasionally while I paint, which has been a lot of fun!

What are you working on now? Are there any links you’d like to share from past, current or future projects?

I’m working on two new “micro-stories” I plan to post on my twitter, and I have a few incomplete stories on my AO3 I’m still chugging away on here and there.

The biggest thing I have going is I recently finished a set of novel length stories, and a friend was kind enough to read the first “book” and provide editing notes. I’m working on revising and rewriting based on her feedback, and I hope to have it ready to publish sometime in 2021!

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