Exercise is good for you

Did you know that by using some simple exercises and techniques, it is possible to delay orgasm and help diminish erectile dysfunction? All you need are a few minutes a day, and the results last for a lifetime. It sounds crazy, but it really works! They are basically Kegels for men. These techniques are completely natural–no pumps, pills, gadgets or surgery, so rest assured.

You can do these almost anywhere, it’s fun, and with daily exercises, you can reduce the chances of erectile dysfunction and cumming too soon.

If you are also concerned about the health of your equipment, it is best to use safe and natural methods rather than buying weird pills or strange contraptions from the internet. Forget that stuff. Strengthen what you have.

Here’s how to do it:

1.     Keep your pubic hair short—for one, it makes your dick look bigger, and you’ll also be able to handle it more effectively.

2.     It is always a good idea to stimulate yourself before exercises so that your testosterone level increases and you’re more able to focus on your genitals.

3.     Ready? Squeeze the muscles that you would use to stop the stream of pee and hold the contraction for a couple of seconds, then release. Repeat 30 times. Rest one minute when you’re finished. Do three sets 3-4 times a week.

Easy, right? These exercises are free to do and worth a shot before you start thinking about turning to medication. A study in the UK actually found that 75 percent of men improved their erectile function after doing these exercises regularly, and another study found that 61 percent of men were cured of premature ejaculation. Not bad, right?

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