Teaser! Excerpt From Cuckold Confessions

Cucks seem to really love to call me or write me to confess things. This was one was a pretty entertaining story from Paul the panty boy. You can read the full story here, but for now, here’s a little teaser.

Cuckold Confessions: Thigh High Surprise 

My name is Paul and I’m just about to graduate college. I’m a white guy and still single–maybe it’s because I can’t find anyone as perfect as this woman I met a few years ago. She cucked me out in a way, but I remember it fondly. I think about her all the time when I masturbate, even though this happened about four years ago. 

I had just started college, and I found a random job at a laundromat. I know, kind of weird, but it allowed me to study because the job was so easy. It involved folding clothes, cleaning lint traps, and taking care of stuck quarters. Most of the day was spent listening to the hum of dryers and watching people mindlessly doing their laundry. I loved people watching, though, so it wasn’t too boring for me. 

Working at the laundromat allowed me to discover my lingerie fetish, so it definitely helped me get to know myself better. And to discover that I desire a woman who is willing to cuck me out and get her pleasure from black guys.

You see, there was always this one thing that broke the monotony. I loved seeing sexy women fold their underwear or wash their lingerie. It was fun to see what they wore. Some liked thongs, some liked those cheeky little boy shorts with silly patterns all over them, and some liked the plain old cotton white undies. It didn’t matter to me. I loved looking at all types of women and all types of lingerie. It always gave me a boner, and I’d hide behind the counter and watch these women while I thought about dirty, filthy things. I’d make up stories about them in my mind–my favorite was them getting fucked by big, black linebacker types. 

Where did this fetish come from, you may ask? Well, I was a quiet, studious type in high school. One day, I had to go back to the gym because I left my calculus book in my locker in the showers. As I was grabbing my book, I heard moaning. I looked around the corner and sure enough, there was the head cheerleader. She was getting some from one of the stars of the football team, a huge black guy with a bad attitude and a serious talent out on the field. I didn’t watch for long because I didn’t want to get caught, but I thought about it for months.

Anyway, I’m still paranoid about getting caught, and I really didn’t want to get busted on the job by one of these ladies. I’m sure some of them knew I was watching, but I never did anything inappropriate.

That is, until this one woman came in.

The first time she came in, I was floored. She wasn’t the kind of woman who would necessarily turn heads, but she was definitely my kind of woman. She was a secretary type with mousy brown hair who dressed conservatively. The first time I saw her, she had her hair in a bun, glasses on, and she was wearing a long skirt with a button-up shirt. There was something so sexy about her, though. She was in great shape, and even though she tried to hide her figure a bit, I could tell she had some awesome curves. I instantly wondered what kind of lingerie she had on. 

Anyway, she started coming in to get our complete service, which means we will sort, wash, dry and fold. When I first saw her, she would come in with linens and towels. I was so bummed about that. 

I wanted to sift through all of her lingerie so bad. The thought of that consumed my mind. I would picture what she had on underneath all that modest clothing. I absolutely love stockings on a woman. Especially the ones with the lacy tops. I had no idea if she wore stockings like these, but I hoped she did. I love the way they sit snugly against a woman’s pale thighs. It’s such a great tease before you see their pussy.

Well, one day, she rushed in and said she needed full service on a lot of stuff, and she wanted to get it all clean because she was running out of clean clothes to wear to work. I told her it wouldn’t be a problem, and that I’d have it done by the end of the day. She seemed relieved and unloaded several large bags full of stuff. She thanked me and rushed out.

Now, a lot of people might get irritated, but I didn’t. I actually loved my job, and I liked that woman a whole lot. I was thrilled that I’d get to see her clothes, and probably her used underwear, too! I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I started sorting it and let me tell you, my hopes and dreams were fulfilled. She had some incredibly sexy stuff.

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