DIY Over the Door Restraints

Some people crochet during quarantine like I do, some people play guitar, and some people make scrapbooks of Brenda Blacklove…wait…

Well, as long as you’re getting crafty, you may as well make something you can use—something besides jerk off material, I mean. 

Anyway, maybe you’ve been eyeing those cool over the door restraint systems but you’re not willing to shell out the cash for it. Guess what? It’s easy to see you can make one of these yourself. Here is what you’ll need:

-2 foot dowel

Rope, about 10 feet

-Two  5/16 eye bolts


Suspension cuffs with hooks

-Double ended release hooks (optional)

First, you should drill holes in each end of the dowel. Next, screw in those eye bolts. Now, get your rope and double it over at one end—you’ll want to turn four feet of rope into one two-foot section, and then push it through the left eye bolt. Tie a figure eight knot at the end, but you want three inches of slack so you can have a place to hook your suspension cuffs.

Tie a square knot around the left eye bolt and leave a max of four inches slack. You should have one long end of rope now, and also a shorter end. The shorter end should be about nine to twelve inches.

Pull the long end over to the right eye bolt and repeat the process. You may have to tighten up the long end between ends of the dowel. You’ll want a little bit of time trying it out for height’s sake.

Put the dowel on one side of the door, and the ropes should hang on the other side. There should be about four inches of rope between the eyebolt and the figure eight knot. The dowel side acts as a stability bar, and you want the ropes to hang through to the other side of the door so you can tie up your sub.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Well, it is, and it’s easy to take with you everywhere you go. If you and your sub are going to some out-of-town BDSM show, you can take this thing with you and it’ll probably fit safely in your luggage. Security probably won’t even be able to tell what the hell it is, either.

So there you go! Your very own over-the-door restraint system for much less.

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