DIY Toys: Flogger

A lot of you are cheap asses and don’t want to buy your own BDSM equipment. Luckily, I’m here to teach you how to make your own toys. It’s actually quite easy, and with a little bit of creativity you can make just about anything. Today, I’ll teach you how to make your own flogger.

Interested in seeing a hot flogging scene? I recommend this clip from Femme Fatale Films. You’ll love it–especially if you’re into leather Dommes with accents!

I think I’ll make it a goal to help you DIY things throughout the month of March. After all, I’m a crafty person and I have a March birthday. 

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What You’ll Need:

-Doweling or something to use as a handle (I recommend about 9-12 inches)

-Glue (rubber cement is best)

-Upholstery tacks or some kind of screw with a broad head (or broad-headed screw/nails in a pinch)

-Soft leather (worn out coats and clothing are sometimes best)

Your square of leather should be as long as you want the tails on your flogger plus about two inches; the width should be as wide as possible because the more tails you have, the better. You want to leave space at the top of your piece of leather, because this is what you’ll use to attach the strips to the dowel.

First, wrap a piece of leather around the handle. Put your upholstery tacks and glue work to work here if you want. Some people like braids, but cross-stitching is great for decoration and improved grip.

Cut the strips about 1/2 inch wide, but don’t cut them completely off the piece of leather. Leave a strip of two inches all the way along the top. Once the handle is complete, put the tails on by tacking and gluing one end of the strip on very securely. Drive a few upholstery tacks through the handle and space them out accordingly.

It’s a good idea to have a strip wound around the end of the handle with no tails. Make it about a foot long, one inch-wide strip so that you can keep it around your wrist and it won’t slip out of your hands.

The end of the tails can be cut into a squared off shape, at a 45 degree angle, or tipped. Leather oil will add a bit of weight and will improve the way it cuts across the air. The more tails, the more thwack. The slicker the surface of the leather, the more sting the receiver will feel—and same thing if you’ve cut very thin tails.

Enjoy! If you make one, take a pic and tag me on Twitter @brendablacklove or let me know.

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