A Free Short Story

What’s up, pervs? Here’s a short story for you about one of my many memorable weekends. If you want to hear the audio version, click here. Enjoy!

I’ve always been sort of an exhibitionist. My breasts grew huge over the summer before ninth grade, and I quickly noticed that I was attracting lots of male attention. Even female attention. Seems like everyone wanted to know what my tits looked like under all those tight little shirts I would wear. 

I had a lot of wild experiences, but nothing compares to what happened at this party I went to over the weekend. It started off just as any other party would. I was dressed as scantily as ever, with my cleavage spilling out of a halter top. I could feel my nipples jutting up against the soft material of the top as all men’s eyes were upon my breasts. The leather mini skirt I was wearing showed off my long, shapely legs and my toned thighs and the shiny material accentuated my round, tight ass. 

I was wearing four inch spike heels to set off my gorgeous dancer’s legs. Underneath, I wore a little black lace g-string. 

I had no intention of hooking up with anyone there. I just wanted to tease all the men at the party. But when Jake showed up, I knew that was all going to change. He’s a coworker, and I have to admit, I’ve had a thing for him for a while now. I can tell he works out, and he’s just drop dead gorgeous. 

He asked me to slow dance, and then he was all over me in seconds. Then, his hands were all over my tits as our bodies were pressed together. He told me I had the most beautiful breasts he’d ever seen.

Mmm, I felt my body heat rise as he lifted up my top and began sucking on my nipples. Oh God, just thinking about it is getting me so hot again. I forgot that I was in a crowded room and my moaning was overtaking the background music. Jake was sucking my nipples and pulling my body towards him. I could feel his hard-on–it felt huge!

The music changed, but we didn’t even notice. He pulled my top over my head and sucked my breasts and massaged them right there in front of everyone. I couldn’t get enough of his hot tongue on my tits. He kept going from one nipple to the other one as if he couldn’t get enough of my soft, round breasts. My pussy juice was dripping down my thighs and I put my hand between my legs, moved my g string aside and brought myself to an earth shattering orgasm right there in front of the whole party. 

I heard gasps while I was cumming and the thought of shocking everyone made me cum again. The crowd egged me on and said I should take off the rest of my clothes. Soon I was completely naked. Jeff got on his knees and slid his hot tongue in between my legs. 

He licked my clit and reached up to tweak my nipples and I came again, nearly falling over this time. My legs were shaking after those back to back orgasms and my pussy was so wet.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to feel Jake’s cock. I could see from the bulge in his pants that he was ready, too, so I took the initiative and undressed him and freed his huge cock. 

The crowd was in awe. I spread out on my back right there on the carpet. Jake lowered himself over my breasts and I knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to fuck my tits. He reached back and touched my juicy cunt, and then he put his cock in between my tits. I pressed them together and he slid his cock back and forth in my cleavage. His cock was so, so hard. I could see a thick bead of precum and I knew he was getting such a charge from fucking my tits. 

I yelled, “Fuck my tits! I love it!

All it once he exploded! He came everywhere, and I sucked every last drop of cum from his swollen prick. Oh God, it was so incredible. 

We sat there panting and the crowd stood in amazement. There was an electric tension in the air. Then all of the sudden, clothes were flying everywhere and people got together in twos and threes. A couple of girls told Jake they wanted him, but he turned to me and said he still couldn’t get enough of my tits. He wanted to take me somewhere private…

We fucked all weekend, and you better believe I had on a tantalizing top at work just to tease him. I wonder what we’ll end up doing next weekend…

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