Cuckolding for Beginners : Getting Your Girl to Fuck Another Dude

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Whether it’s on Niteflirt chat, Twitter DMs or emails, you guys contact me all the time to find out what I have to say about cuckolding. If you want a good idea of what cuckolding is, I encourage you to watch this video from Femme Fatale Films.

There are two questions I get about it on a regular basis.

Brenda, Are You Into Cuckolding? Are You a Hotwife?

The number one question? “Domina/Brenda, are you a hotwife?” A lot of you ask if I cuck out my current partner or have done it before. The answer is, not really, but I have coerced MANY men into the cuckolding lifestyle, though, and that’s where the majority of my smut fiction comes from. Above anything else, I love MIND FUCKING. 

This is where the cuckolding, sissification, and forced bi interest comes in for me. I really enjoy leading people down the path of temptation and daring them to do things they wouldn’t normally do. This is HIGHLY stimulating for me. I am, above anything else, a sapiosexual, and I also enjoy exerting my power over other people, especially men.

Anyway, more on my likes and dislikes later.

Why Are People Into Cuckolding? What’s the Fascination?

So, what’s the second most asked question? “How do I get my wife into this?” you all ask me.

If you’re a woman reading this, this fetish and that second most-asked question might surprise you. A guy gets turned on by his wife or girlfriend fucking someone else? Yes, that’s a real fetish and yes, some men really do get turned on by it. I got a call just recently where a guy wanted his wife to suck a black dude’s cock. He wanted his wife to keep the cum in her mouth and spit it into his (the husband’s) mouth. He came like a geyser when I fed into his fantasy. So yes, there are some men who really do get turned on by it.

Why are people into this, you may ask? Good question.There is some biological basis for getting turned on by jealousy. Yes, the possibility of watching your wife with someone else may turn you on so you can compete with another dude’s sperm for fertilization. 

There’s also the who taboo nature of it as well. It’s deemed adultery, which is a sin, right? *Eye roll*. Sinful and taboo stuff turns us on. It’s the same reason people get turned on by doing naughty shit in public. We could get caught and ostracized by society! What a thrill!

How Do I Get My Wife/Girlfriend Into Cuckolding? 

Ready to dive right in? You might be freaked out, so start with this: get your girl to tell you about her past fucks. Tell her you enjoy detail and tell her it turns you on to hear about her talking about other guys. From there, she’ll probably get the hint, but if not, you can take it a step further.

Read some dirty stories to her about group sex, specifically ones that include the woman as the center of attention. The more you can get her around to the idea that it turns you on to see her with other people, the more she’ll be sold on it. And if anything, the erotic talk surrounding the whole topic will spice up your sex life.

If you want to take it a step further, ask her what she would want to have YOU do while she’s fucking another man. Would she want you in a chastity cage? Or would she want you to only fuck a Fleshlight? Would she want you in bondage? Find out what she likes, and you’re well on your way to the next step.

Of course, you can hop on Craigslist and peruse through the bazillions of ads there, but whatever you do, please get tested, make sure the third party gets tested, and USE CONDOMS and other forms of protection. Don’t be a dumbass when it comes to this. Tread carefully when it comes to condoms and do your research about STIs.

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