Make Your Dick Bigger!

I know what you’re thinking. “Can I really do that, Brenda?”

My answer: “In your dreams, slave. Work smarter, and I’ll take care of the ‘harder’ parts for you.”

Anyway, you may have asked yourself if you can make your cock bigger. You may have seen bizarre spam emails claiming to help you achieve the dick of your dreams, but as you know, many of these are false claims and feature dumb products.

These products are usually in the form of creams, pill and potions that claim to enlarge your penis. You may also see ads claiming you can add three inches to your penis overnight. It may sound ridiculous, but these companies make mega bucks from people who fall for this shit.

Do you want to know what’s out there? Well, there’s plenty of stuff. Just go through your spam folder. But does it work? Sadly, most of it does not.

But I will tell you this little secret: you cock CAN shrink if you don’t exercise it. You can do penis stretching exercises to make sure you retain length. And you CAN do things to make your cock stay super hard during sex, like wearing a cock ring. I highly recommend these. If you want to really drive your partner crazy, get a vibrating cock ring. It’s highly thrilling for both partners. I’ll leave you with that.

Vacuum pumps are all over the place, and they do work for some people if used correctly and diligently over time. However, the drawback is that there isn’t a lot of information and instruction that comes with the pump itself. And one of the problems is that if you use the pump in the wrong way, you could damage your dick! The effects are only temporary, though.

Then there are other products like extenders, which actually fit over your cock and give you extra length and girth. Other companies push pills, patches, creams and other devices. Don’t be fooled – these items are a waste of time and money. Extenders are a proven effective method of enhancing your cock without the use of surgery. You just slip it on and ride the night away.

There seems to be something to exercises and Kegels, though, and this book may have some merit, but it’s mostly about building confidence and appreciating what you’ve already got. Also, know that if you’re overweight, losing weight will give the allusion of a larger looking penis.

The solution? If you don’t want surgery, which can have risks, just accept what you’ve got. Learn how to use it well, build some confidence, and always remember that not every lover wants a humongous cock. The most arousing spots on a woman are her clit and the G-spot, which is about two inches inside the vagina, so you don’t need a whopper of a cock to satisfy her. And if you’re still concerned, hell, try a strap-on. Everyone loves a good strap-on.

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